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2000 Corvette C5 Used Oil Analysis Report



Many Corvette owners regularly track their car and are concerned about how well their oil and engine hold up to the demands of the track.  One of C66 Racing's customers recently submitted his used oil for analysis by Blackstone Laboratories after 5,000 miles and five months of use that included a full day High Performance Driver's Education (HPDE) event at Watkins Glen.  The results, posted below, show that the oil, AMSOIL SAE Synthetic 10w30, performed very well and that the engine exhibited normal wear despite the 5,000 mile oil change interval and the sustained high rpm use during the track day.


The car was a 2000 Corvette C5 (shown to the right) with a 5.7L LS1 motor, modified with a set of custom ported heads and a custom designed cam shaft from East Coast Supercharging.  The track day at Watkins Glen was run in ambient temperatures of 90F and included four 20 minute track sessions.




Note: AMSOIL INC. does not recommend extended drain intervals for high performance or racing engines.  AMSOIL INC. defines High Performance and Racing Engines as "Street rods, muscle cars, race cars, 4x4 off-roads, and modified street/track vehicles."  For these applications, AMSOIL INC. recommends extending oil change intervals based on oil analysis or using the longest drain recommendation of the original equipment manufacturer.  Use vehicle owner's discretion where engines are modified.  AMSOIL Product Change Interval Charts

Oil AMSOIL SAE 10w30       Universal Lab Averages
Miles on Oil 5,000        
Miles on unit 46,900        
Sample Date 11/24/06        
  ppm       ppm
Aluminum 7       5
Chromium 2       1
Iron 13       31
Copper 13       10
Lead 3       11
Tin 1       2
Molybdenum 53       47
Nickel 1       0
Manganese 1       1
Silver 0       0
Titanium 0       0
Potassium 0       9
Boron 184       43
Silicon 7       22
Sodium 10       15
Calcium 3365       1934
Magnesium 14       288
Phosphorus 653       781
Zinc 803       948
Barium 0       0
TBN Not Tested       Min 1.0
SUS Viscosity @ 210F 62.8       Range ~58-66
  Actual Blackstone Report        


Our evaluation of the used oil analysis report:

- As evidenced by the SUS viscosity at 210F, the oil remained in grade for a 30 weight oil and did not shear low out of grade or thicken out of grade.

- As evidenced by the low ppm values for the wear metals, primarily aluminum, iron, copper and lead, the oil performed very well with no excessive wear occurring due to the 5,000 mile oil change interval or the track day.

- The copper reading is comparatively high when compared to the other wear metals, particularly lead and iron which are both well below the lab's universal averages.  However, this is most likely due to the new copper head gasket used for the custom heads and cam shaft that were installed by East Coast Supercharging on this motor.


Understanding the used oil analysis report


These two links to pages on Blackstone Laboratories website provide background on the elements in the used oil analysis report, as well as how to review and understand the report:

Understanding the Elements

Understanding Your Gas/Diesel Engine Oil Report


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